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Apart from the usual healthy eating stuff has anyone got any personal experience of how particular foods affect them please ?

For example I have found avoiding the onion family (ie garlic spring leek etc) to be helpful

I believe it's something to do with a substance in onions etc which is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier


  • Nurse told me olive oil is good for me since my accident and for sure makes physo more tolerable

    olive oil with everything now but its expensive

  • Onions and garlic help with my digestion. Olive oil is a must.

  • I was borne in Nigeria where root vegetables were our staple diet. If I don t eat root vegetables regularly my left leg and hands gets stiff and my doctor says it is inflammatory arthritis.

  • I too have found avoiding the onion family (garlic spring leek etc.) to be helpful in avoiding indigestion . It makes eating out difficult.

  • I have had to stop eating bread as even toasted it bloats me. It’s only happened in the last few years but now I eat a lot of bananas.

  • am a in a wheelchair with ibs and eggs and corn and brown bread help. Too many vegetables and onions not good

  • I try to avoid processed food as much as possible and eat fresh vegetables. Since giving up junk food and eating healthier I have lost weight and no longer have inflammation around my knees and ankles. I love cheese but find that the pre sliced packs must contain something because although they are tasty the inflammation returns if I eat too many.

  • That is interesting Haley because my late mother eat a lot of cheese and as she got older slice packs were easier for her to cope with and it was in her latter years that inflammation around her elbows and knees built up.

  • Most of the food available in supermarkets is processed which is why we must all try to purchase fresh food locally. My father grows fresh vegetables and since moving back home 6 years ago my health has improved. I only eat white meat but never pork. When I was in hospital for 3 weeks last year the food was so bad that my father had to drive over 40 miles each day to bring me decent food.

  • If I am feeling down I go to the chippy and OD on cod and chips.

    Beats medication as it works every time

  • On occasions comfort food does hit the spot but since reducing the amount of yeast in my diet fatigue is no longer an issue.

  • Richard I am not sure what you mean by crossing the blood brain barrier and how avoiding the onion family is of benefit to you. What symptoms do you suffer from?

  • Blood brain barrier is on various websites including Wikipedia

    My food intolerance reactions seemed to lessen

    My skin improved slightly

    The onion family is hard to avoid as they are in a lot of my favourite foods

    And nobodies perfect
  • Trying to maintain a balance diet became increasingly difficult when out and about so what I do now is to make sure that every day a good breakfast of cereal and fresh fruit, lots of fresh water and a few fruit snacks during the day and an evening meal such as pasta or rice is maintained. Since stopping drinking tea and coffee several times a day I feel and look much fitter.

    Drinking lots of water has eliminated the frequent urinary infections which bugged me for years and I have more energy now that ever before in my life.

  • My high blood pressure had dropped since cutting down on the amount of salt I eat. Something to do with water retention I believe.

  • Oily fish for me. Try not to eat too much bread as yeast makes me tired too.

  • Eating oily fish, vitim D supliments and changing my soap has sorted my eczema problems. Took doctors pills and creams for years before.
  • Years of living with ME has been a continuous struggle as I have been constantly dogged by tiredness and tired limbs. Earlier this year I met a fellow ME sufferer who told me that her tiredness had been greatly reduced by eliminating yeast from her diet. I thought that I would try the same which at first was very difficult but I stuck with it and now the difference to my lifestyle is fantastic. I am able to work longer hours and drive more confidently.

    I notice that Tish has also mentioned that since reducing the amount of yeast in her diet fatigue is no longer an issue. Are there any other people out there whose tiredness has been reduced by cutting out yeast from their diet?

  • I stopped eating fast foods when I started work and now feel much healthier as well as looking better. My colleague brings me in a home made mixed salad or fresh rolls most days. I think that the amount of salt in most fast food is not a good thing.

  • edited December 2017

    After every Christmas I promise myself that I wont eat too much naughty food but I always suffer for weeks after so this year I am trying something different. Me and my husband have rented a cottage in Cornwall for a week where we will be living on fresh fish, greens, potatoes, fruit, bread and water. No tea, coffee, alcohol or TV or mobile phones. We will be driving down this afternoon and I will report back when we return.

  • That sounds so perfect Alina. I spiced up my relationship with my long term boyfriend last summer by taking a camping holiday with no phones or other distractions. Our sex life reached new heights and we now plan to get married next year. We both have hearing impairments and it was our first break together for many years. Sex is an important part of most relationships.

  • I just posted the above comment in the wrong discussion group. Sorry.
    I do try to eat healthily by avoiding fast foods and processed food when possible.

  • For the last three years I have been taking vitamin D supplements during the winter months and, touch wood, my health has greatly improved. I always used to get the flue, bad colds and feel low but now I feel capable of anything.

  • Vitamin D supplements are essential as most of us spend out time indoors. Eating heavily salted fast foods should be avoided and it sickens me when I see the amount of crap people eat. Every other TV advert is for food that should be avoided and in America it is practically the only option available to eat out. No wonder so many people are overweight.

  • Eating out options are limited to places accessible to wheelchairs so crap burger only around here.
  • I totally agree Doll I have the same problem as I'm in a wheelchair

  • The link is to a petition to get places ie restaurants etc to have disabled access certificates
    If you agree sign it online via the link the petition ends 31 March 2018
    Pass it on but quickly as the petition end midday 31/
  • During university and up until two years ago I lived on a strictly vegan diet. I visited a friend in Cornwall who is also a vegetarian but catches and eats fish and is the most healthy person I have ever met so I tried some fresh mackerel which was caught that morning and since then if there is freshly caught fish around I like to eat it.

    I now feel great and have got over the guilt complex of eating what once was a living thing. It is true what people say about fish sharpens the brain because my mind is now capable of more now than before.

  • I love eating locally caught fresh fish but the fish from supermarkets is not the same. It could be the freezing process. Plenty of fresh fish and fresh vegetables and no red meat in my diet. It interests me how everyone prefers something different but we would probably survive if we all ate the same as each other. Choice is a luxury as in some countries and cultures there is no choice.

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