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  • I went to Cardiff last week.Why is it that most of the accessible restaurants with healthy options there are the most expensive?
  • CalCal
    edited April 2018

    It’s the same in most places babe. Roll on summer when we can eat what we want in the park. One of the fancy coffee shop places sells bottles of fresh squeezed orange juice for £3.50 when you can go to the supermarket and if you buy the same bottle for less than £1. Because it is one of only a few accessible places in town we have no choice. Is this a fair society we live in? Is it xxxx

  • Loving this heat because I do not feel hungry. Drinking more helps but not pop. Eating less saturated fat in the summer always makes me feel good but its hard to eat less when its cold. Last winter I decided to stop eating crisps and so many biscuits and my skin looks much better and I have lost so much weight.

  • Cheap white bread, greasy food and sweet deserts is all we get when we go to meetings so my support brings health food from her work.

  • Easy to get overweight always in my wheelchair so eating junk food and unhealthy food is not good but when I was younger it was difficult. When I see young wheelchair users eating too much in fast food restaurants it makes me feel sad.
  • A while ago someone told me to try eating corn as often as possible. For the last month or so corn on the cob has become a daily addition to my diet and it works as my IBS has calmed down after years of torment.

  • This heat give me cramps when I lay down and a friend told me to eat more salt. For over a year I have tried to controll my salt intake so yesterday I eat salt and no cramp last night in bed. I think that I will start salt again in moderation.

  • Not sure if it is the sun or my having followed Richard but it is now over 7 months that I have been avoiding the onion family as much as possible and my skin is looking great. Onions and garlic seem to be in almost everything so I have lost weight too and eating much healthier.

    Richard thank you very much.

  • Eating lots of fresh local grown fruit and vegetables is not only good for me but helps local small holdings and farmers. They taste so much better than the supermarket offerings. I am glad that I no longer live in the city except that access around here is more difficult and I am more dependent of friends and family. That is a price to pay for feeling healthier.

  • Luv have grown carrots. Shop carrots taste false compared.
  • Finally given up fighting my fat now that I can no longer push myself. Breaking my wrist last year has changed me as I used to wheel everywhere but now I have to be pushed in my wheelchair and over a stone heavier in 5 months. My wrist just wont heal so I have tried being hoisted into a hydrotherapy pool to exercise but can only be taken there once a week.
    I have cut down on fatty food and sweets and try to eat smaller portions but my tummy, arms and thighs look gross. Any suggestions please.....................

  • Its melon season. Nearly smashed my wheelchair trying to get across the road yesterday to buy the biggest watermellon ever. Cost me £8 but will feed the 5,000. :)

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