What we’re about…

Enhancing possibilities and creating independence for disabled people is a basic human right of which the importance is often underestimated.

Our access surveys highlight the requirements of businesses, educational establishments, community centres and retail establishment to improve disabled people’s employment, learning and visiting  experience.

We create and run equality based awareness training courses tailored to the specific requirements of commercial and non-commercial companies and organisations.

Our lived experiences of employment, from both employer and employees perspectives, has resulted in GL100 being able to offer a variety of services

We also offer services to provide facilitation, research, and website accessibility.

We aim to lead by example – our experience and attitude can create an independence to not only individuals and groups of people with disabilities but to those working in the sector. We present, coach and advise on the positive side of life, encouraging co-production and best practice.

Please contact tpglobe@lineone.net or call 07979 756317 for further information.