Social Welfare Law in Wales Online Resource

Letting you know that the initial stages of developing the Social Welfare Law in Wales online resource has been completed and this can now be accessed freely at

The impetus to develop this resource has been the relative absence of critical analysis and discussion on the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 and its interface with other social welfare legislation and guidance.

This tentative step to develop a community of interest and support, aims to provide a space for disabled people and carers to share their perspectives on the impact of social welfare law on their lives and to create a platform for practitioners and academics in law, social work and social care, health and education to provide analysis, critical discussion and commentary that will progress practice under the new legislation in Wales.

The online site aims to be a news platform and an online journal. The news pages will provide links to relevant research, pertinent judicial decisions,ombudsmans reports and audits on practice. The online journal will publish papers and articles on the state of social welfare law and guidance in Wales. It will also welcome viewpoints and commentary from disabled people, carers and practitioners.

It would be of great help if you were to contribute to this development by writing for the online journal, sharing links to relevant materials and informing as many people as possible of Rhydian: Social Welfare Law in Wales online.