Guest Speaking and Motivation

GL100 Services founder Trevor Palmer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1994 at the age of 40. Trevor had lived an adventurous life and had lived and worked all over the world mostly working in the leather and fashion industry as well as in the Arts where he owned and ran an art gallery and studios in London.

Shortly after being diagnosed with MS Trevor set up one of the first e-commerce websites in Wales and started a business which traded in a variety of areas. At the same time he became interested in disability issues involving himself with Newport Access Group before becoming a director of Disability Wales. Trevor was contracted to establish and chair the Wales Millennium Centre Disability Advisory Group during construction and fitting out and built his business up until selling in 2011.

Since his diagnosis in 1994 and becoming a full time wheelchair user in 2001 Trevor has witnessed many changes in government policies, education, employment, physical access and attitudes whilst maintaining his business and family’s welfare. In 2004 he set up the not for profit organisation ResponsABLE assistance which assists disabled people in disaster situations all over the World. Check out and

Trevor has been a member of the South East Wales Regional Citizen Panel for Social Services then the National Citizen Panel before joining the National Partnership Board for Social Care Wales in 2016. He continues to run this business employing mostly disadvantaged disabled people and is involved in assorted projects including being a Director of Disability Wales, a trustee of See Around Britain (check out, is heavily involved with Disability in Wales and Africa (, as well as writing and other activities.

He is an experienced guest speaker and motivates not only disabled people but everyone in a variety of sectors and is an experienced facilitator. For availability and rates etc please contact

Trevor is a full time wheelchair user and travels with his PA / Support worker.