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  • Relationships are amongst friends and sex is a personal private thing as sex ruins relationships as once again I have lost a friend because sex was difficult. I felt awkward and he made me feel uncomfortable. Back to my dreams and fantasies.
  • Met a great group of guys and we will be trying to all live in a new place that will open later this year: )
    in housing Comment by Sox May 17
  • Last week I had an appointment and my friend Claire came with to help me so we called a taxi and the driver was great. He waited for ages outside and drove us back again and helped me and waited for free. His name was Adnan and he secured me in well.
  • Sex is a most liberating release opening windows of freedom and well being that otherwise do not exist in my life. My relationships materialise without complications as I satisfy myself in my own time on my own terms my way. Only I know what I need …
  • Before Christmas a group of us went to sing carols in the church but I had to go back early so a taxi was called for me and one of the support workers. I was lifted into the car but we had requested a taxi for wheelchairs. Lifting me out was painful…
  • I have been living in a supported living environment for 3 years and would like to move on and be living with new people but the options are limited as I am now 26 and I do not want to live with old people which is the only option so far available. …
    in housing Comment by Sox January 7
  • Relationships........ Something people do not understand. I am in my own world but my heart is open. Real life gets in my way sometimes but my dreams satisfy me. I love my chair which is more faithful than any man.
  • Conventional sex is not always possible for many of us as are conventional relationships but hey-ho life goes on. That does not stop me from dreaming though when I see guys I fancy.

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