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  • After reading Richards entry on the 24th I contacted a leading UKAS Accredited Certification Body who have replied: Thank you for your enquiry, to provide a response to try and help… We do not certify any Welsh Local Authorities to ISO9001, but a …
  • Hi Adele, having travelled and worked in many African countries where the lack of welfare contributes to disabled people's difficult life's an organisation called ResponsABLE assistance which I run to assist disabled people in disaster situations wo…
  • Hey Sam, Perhaps Direct Payments will be of benefit as you will then have control of appointing a domiciliary care agency. You can apply via this link and from my own experience by being in control of my home…
  • Often practice (reality) is better than accredited training. It has been an honour to be an Expert by Experience for a forward thinking organisation who have been working with a day centre as guests (service users), day centre management and local a…
  • Hi Richard, Do you know which Local Authorities in Wales meet the requirements of ISO 9001?
  • Toby, Anti social culture is a matter of perspective. Perhaps a separate Anti social culture discussion group can be set up should you feel like doing so.
  • Hi Toby and welcome to the forum. If you home-care has been set up by your local authority you will need to discuss this with your social worker. However if you are in receipt of Direct Payments you can chose your own home-care provider. There is p…
  • Hi Summer, unfortunately Bedroom Tax will come into play if you are in receipt of housing benefit. Check out For many disabled people bedroom tax has created seri…
    in housing Comment by Trevor August 3
  • Angel your friendship and support is very much appreciated.
    in Great forum Comment by Trevor July 30
  • Tracy I am just a person who cares about people. The therapeutic value of my activities is priceless.
    in Great forum Comment by Trevor July 27
  • Hi Noddy, This is not an advice forum but this Social Care discussion is an opportunity for service users, service providers, carers and people interested in the delivery of social care in Wales to join in as they feel appropriate. You can join in…
  • Hi Sally, from my own experience Direct Payments have contributed to my independence and apart from a couple of ‘misunderstandings’ have not been too much of a hassle. I have been a DP recipient for over 16 years. You can check on line or contact …
  • Wow! thank you for that. I wish that I knew who you are as I don't know anyone called Angel but Angels are always welcome in my life and this forum.
    in Great forum Comment by Trevor July 22
  • Hi Summer I remember chatting to you and thank you for joining this forum. Difficult question to answer as I don't know your 'situation' or your family. Sometimes good heart to heart communications with parents can create a mutual understanding.
  • Hi again Haley, Great news that you are now with a good agency. Me too now and it really makes a difference. Previously I was put to bed so early at night that my family and social life was practically non existent. Even though I receive Direct Paym…
  • Hi Haley, I hope the info provided answers your question. may help you further.
  • Hi Haley and welcome to the forum. If you are in Wales the agencies have a duty of care monitord by the governments Regulation and Workforce Development Team. Check out:…
  • Welcome to the forum Emm, Bill and Sally. Bill I appreciate your wanting to use an alias. Feel free to use this forum to interact as you feel appropiate. Sally are you living in Wales and if so what region? If you feel uncomfortable supplying suc…

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