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Home Care services

Hi, I have been receiving 2 calls a day (1 to get me up in the morning and 1 to help me to bed at night) for many years and have recently changed the company who provides my home care. Has anyone else had any experience of chancing service providers?


  • Yes I have gone through this nightmare twice in the last 3 years. First agency folded which was no surprise considering how crappy they were then the next got taken over by morons who made my life hell. I had to give up most of my activities because sometimes I was forgotten for hours. With a good agency now though.
    Are you the same Trevor who does the wheelchair gloves?

  • Hi again Haley, Great news that you are now with a good agency. Me too now and it really makes a difference. Previously I was put to bed so early at night that my family and social life was practically non existent. Even though I receive Direct Payments and I employ the agencies it was hard work dealing with the previous agency. Yes it is I who used to deal in wheelchair accessories including wheelchair gloves. My business interests have changed since selling in 2011.

  • Did not know that I could change my homecare. How can I do that?

  • Hi Toby and welcome to the forum. If you home-care has been set up by your local authority you will need to discuss this with your social worker. However if you are in receipt of Direct Payments you can chose your own home-care provider.

    There is plenty of online information about direct payments including this link

  • I want to change the timing of my evening calls but the council are not listening to me. All I want is a set time so that we can plan things. This last week the carers have arrived at 8pm twice, 8.30pm twice, 10.30pm twice and only one time at 9.30pm what suits us best. Thank you for letting us know about this direct payment thing which I have just applied for.

  • Hey Sam, Perhaps Direct Payments will be of benefit as you will then have control of appointing a domiciliary care agency. You can apply via this link and from my own experience by being in control of my home-care I am able to live as I wish.

  • We have had 2 local care companies come and visit us last week and we have chosen the smaller one as they can provide care at the time we want. The manageress actually visited and asked me about my life. I have looked at other forums on this site and now have a greater understanding of the importance of storytelling and co production. Both me and my wife feel a lot happier now.

  • My fella needs a lot of care and 4 half hour calls a day is not really enough. Some of the carers are flexible and will stay a bit longer when necessary but most will only stay half an hour and that includes them spending over 5 mins writing notes in their book. I told our social worker about the time wasted to write the notes and if an extra 5 mins can be added to the calls but nothing can be done. In my eyes care is care and not writing about it. Sure records of what has been done is important but washing him properly would be better.

  • We cancelled my wife's carers for 2 days and came home last night and they called at 8.30 to help her to bed instead of 10am. We were told that because we cancelled our times had changed. I called them this morning and they said that it will stay at 8.30 - 9pm from now on.
  • I tried to call the council and am waiting for the correct person to call back tomorrow. Every time we contact them they are always off work. Most frustrating.
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