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Good management

All levels of government (ie Westminster Welsh Assembly Local Authorities etc) and all public funded organisations (ie Civil Service Nhs Social Services Third Sector etc) need to demonstrate good management

I suggest ISO 9001 is used by them to achieve this


  • Hi Richard, Do you know which Local Authorities in Wales meet the requirements of ISO 9001?

  • I asked a local councillor about 2 months ago if Nptcbc had ISO 9001 and I've not had a reply which is an answer in itself
    Does anyone out there know if their council or any public funded organisation has this organisation wide accreditation ?
  • Is ISO 9001 not a business accreditation? For all of the Welsh local authorities to become ISO 9001, or something similar, accredited may be a way of standardising management practices across Wales.

  • However every local authorities Social Services differ demographically and by budget. It would need to be a Welsh Government policy for all local authorities to become accredited and that may be costly.

  • I have also posted this same comment in the Social Care Wales discussion. After some brief online research I feel that ISO 9001 management accreditation could be a way forward for all Welsh Local Authorities. Although I feel that correct management practices are essential I also feel that each Local Authority in Wales is unique and I believe that to be appointed as Director of Social services in any Local Authority in a certain level of management training is required.

    True Co-Production would mean that to be ISO 9001 or similarly accreditation would involve representatives from Service Users, Welsh Government and all Local Authority staff to be accredited all together which could be the perfect way to establish a greater understanding of everyone's situation.

    My experience working for more than 1 Welsh Local Authority tells me that such co-produced accreditation will never work whilst we still have a Them and Us senior hierarchy in place and from what I have heard the National Assembly is not much better.

    Also would prison officers, prisoners and those in secure mental health units be included?

  • I believe ISO 9001 can be applied to any organisation from a corner shop to a multi national and I'm not sure but I seem to recall that one or two Scottish councils had acquired accreditation

    An Nhs official told me that a number of Government depts started ISO 9001 in 2008 but abandoned it soon after

    I can only guess why

    As it relates to management it can be applied to any org
  • After reading Richards entry on the 24th I contacted a leading UKAS Accredited Certification Body who have replied:

    Thank you for your enquiry, to provide a response to try and help…
    We do not certify any Welsh Local Authorities to ISO9001, but a council in a London borough and sections of one in West Yorkshire. We also certify, Social Housing Organisations and sections of a North East Fire Brigade.
    ISO9001 is of course an excellent method of managing quality of services provided to the public. It is customisable to various types of organisation and additional requirements the organisation wishes to adhere to can be added, such as policy’s, governing frameworks etc. So for local authorities ISO9001 does provide a framework for managing quality and via assessment from certification bodies means improving practices and presenting credibility through certification to other third parties and stakeholders. Don’t forget that to be credible and impartial the certification needs to be United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Accredited.
    When looking at Government level, MOD and perhaps to NHS level it may be best for organisations to have their own arrangements so to speak. Here, the actual standard and criteria of ‘good management’ is set by the organisation itself informed by interaction with industry and stakeholders.  For example, the NHS has NICE guidelines and Quality Care Commission as their standards that various departments need to meet. Government has, as I understand it ‘Policy’ as it’s own guiding factors which it either implements effectively or doesn’t then would be accountable to the public vote rather than auditor.
    Another example where ISO9001 may not be sufficient for example would be for multinational companies,  I do not believe Wallmart (ASDA) etc hold ISO9001 certification, they have their own procedures and processes to steer company operations and activities, including quality provision.
    Hopefully that helps feed into the debate – feel free to post if it assists.

  • HR manager thinks that ISO 9001 accreditation may attract better senior management.

  • A difficult argument posted by Trevor but this may clarify things International Standards Organisation
    A globally recognised accreditation system
  • all I want is carers who care and to be listened to. how difficult is it to manage that????

  • my experience suggests that listening to those people who receive services is the best anchor for good management and good practice. I am not discounting the standards set by ISO marks, but they have to be joined with a determination to listen and learn from what works and what does not work for people, doing more of the former and much less of the latter

  • Wise words Stu. Yesterday I attended a 'What matters most' storytelling workshop in Swansea hosted by the Wales School for Social Care Research / Co-Production Wales. Fortunately delegates from one enlightened Welsh county council attended in force which is not surprising because in my opinion that county is setting a standard in Wales of which other Local Authorities just don't seem to aspire too.

  • Name and shame the authorities so that we can know which care about us. My wife and I are fed up with our not being listened to that we just have to accept what is provided. When they came to measure for our bathroom I told them that the sink must be lower so for over a year I clean my teeth and wash in the kitchen sink.

  • Hi Sam, There were representatives from several Local Authorities who attended the ‘What matters most' storytelling workshop in Swansea but the Authority which sent more than one, including a senior manager was Monmouth. I hear lots of lots of positive things happening in Monmouth but I also know that other Local Authorities in Wales are embracing Co-production positivley.

    Practice Solutions piloted a project called ‘Experts by Experience’ which I was involved with at New Horizons Day Centre in Barry. Day Centre ‘guests’, management and Vale of Glamorgan social services management are now working together to provide an improved sustainable facility.

    True Co-production is defiantly the way forward. It is obvious that if you had been listened to your bathroom would have been ‘fit for purpose’ which it sure sounds like it is not.

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