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Great forum

Trevor has a very special place in my heart for working so tirelessly to help other people. Most people will never see how Trevor will give every penny he has to make things better and easier for the disabled and less able bodied.

When Trevor told me about the site I took a look and first impression was "what's it about" then I read the great comments.

I'm proud to be Trevor's friend and will always be there to help where needed.


  • Wow! thank you for that. I wish that I knew who you are as I don't know anyone called Angel but Angels are always welcome in my life and this forum.

  • Angel we are blessed. Such an unassuming guy who genuinely cares about others and inspires so many. Read some of his stories a while back and asked him why dont you get them published and he told me that he did not have time. Best read in a long time.
    Have not met him for a while but must be on mailing list and have shared this site.

  • I dont know Trevor but from what I have read he must be guite a guy.

  • Tracy I am just a person who cares about people. The therapeutic value of my activities is priceless.

  • Angel is Paula xx

  • Angel your friendship and support is very much appreciated.

  • So refreshing to be able to express and share views and opinions openly with interested parties. I wish this forum every success.

  • Been keeping an eye on this forum for a while and pleased to see that the Social Care Wales discussion is hotting up. 12 years ago my political views were neutral but now feel that Westminster is destroying the hard earned social values which must be retained for a fairer society. Equality MUST take priority if we are to progress as a nation.

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