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Social Care Wales

I felt honoured to have been asked to guest speak at the recent annual ADSS Cymru / Social Services conference up in Llandudno. I talked about Creative Co-production which is how I see the way forward. What is Creative about Co-production? My feelings and observations over the years have made me feel passionate about how many of the local authority Social Services departments need to co-produce amongst them selves with the ‘service user’ or their representative to avoid departmental crossovers which cost money and often generate timely delays.

Since the 2016 Social Services and Well-being Wales Act came into force there has been all sorts of opinions as to the implications of implementing the Act true to its intentions. I know that everything possible is being done by the Welsh Government to make sure that the Act is administered in accordance by local authorities because I am personally a member of the National Partnership Board for Social Care Wales.

It would be great if ‘service users’ ‘service providers’ or anyone who would like to discuss Co-production and could join in this discussion as we must all work together.



  • My sister (Down's syndrome) who is 16 years old has a new social worker who is involving my mother and her support worker to make sure that she is now considered as a real person. Up until 8 months ago the attitude from Social Services was as if she was just another problem. I had never heard of the term co-production used before in this context so for my family it is most welcome.

  • Hello, having just received an email from Trevor Palmer I am interested to contribute. A colleague was at the Conference last week and has commented on the relevance of TP's contribution. I will share this link but I feel that many professionals my not want to take part in discussions unless like me they sign in using an alias.

  • cool forum. have only just needed care after car smash but not happy. different carers every day and not when needed. social worker says this is how it is.

  • Welcome to the forum Emm, Bill and Sally.
    Bill I appreciate your wanting to use an alias. Feel free to use this forum to interact as you feel appropiate.
    Sally are you living in Wales and if so what region? If you feel uncomfortable supplying such information on this forum you can email me at

  • Thanks for the welcome. I must say that I am surprised that more people have not joined this forum as it is a unique opportunity for us all to integrate.

  • the info you sent has been good and SS know now. Social worker has left so new care plan will help. Thanks

  • I posted on the home care forum. Are domiciliary care agencies monitored by the local council?

  • Hi Haley and welcome to the forum. If you are in Wales the agencies have a duty of care monitord by the governments Regulation and Workforce Development Team. Check out:

  • Hi Haley, I hope the info provided answers your question. may help you further.

  • Trevor we met a few weeks ago and you told me about this forum and gave me a card. During our brief conversation you talked about co-production and to be quite honest I had to look it up on Google after you left. From what you talked about I have been realising things.
    After a sweaty day wheeling it is refreshing to sit here with a cool drink and finally enter this forum. Been thinking for days if I should or not but here I go.
    Why is it that because aged 34 I and I want to live independently from my mother she gets to say what care I need?

  • Hi Summer I remember chatting to you and thank you for joining this forum.
    Difficult question to answer as I don't know your 'situation' or your family. Sometimes good heart to heart communications with parents can create a mutual understanding.

  • new social worker has told me about direct payment but not sure I want the hassle. Says it gives me independence but dont understand . Told her about this forum so advise please

  • Hi Sally, from my own experience Direct Payments have contributed to my independence and apart from a couple of ‘misunderstandings’ have not been too much of a hassle. I have been a DP recipient for over 16 years.
    You can check on line or contact Dewis (use Google to find your local contact) to find out more as the choice is yours.

  • Smart advice. Direct Payments can be made to anyone over the age of 16 and please don’t be put off by negativity. You can apply online using this link and a local support network will be available if required.

  • After over 20 years of working in the care sector it is easy to become cynical about new acts and supposed culture changes but by us all working together the concept of creative co production is a feasible approach but trying to get all Social Services departments singing from the same song sheet is the biggest barrier.

  • I really like the concept of this forum.

  • Tracy you have a good point but as you say by us all working together we will make this work. I personally have worked in the sector for nearly 30 years and know that changes will have to be made from the highest levels.
    There are some positive things happening out there.

  • like what?

  • Service User groups working with local NHS Trusts, Citizen Representatives working with Social Services, Local Authorities thinking outside the box and people like you interacting here.

  • There is defiantly a big push for line staff to involve service users in structuring care plans.

  • I meant Front Line Staff. Mostly Social Workers

  • went online for dewis and found 2 so I have contacted both.

  • is this an advise line sort of thing

  • Hi Noddy,

    This is not an advice forum but this Social Care discussion is an opportunity for service users, service providers, carers and people interested in the delivery of social care in Wales to join in as they feel appropriate.

    You can join in this discussion or start new discussions.

  • Talked with mum and understand why now. If I can find a place near by will give it a try.

  • Involving service users or their representatives in decision making is a very sensitive subject but in order for decisions to be made in the best interest of the service user the feedback from front-line staff is often what is relied on. An 'across the board' front-line staff training policy in Wales is desperately required.

  • I cant agree more. So many mixed messages but lets first start at the top so we don't mess up.

  • A must for all of us to complete before the consultation end date of 29 September.

    Just returned from a week in Spain and actually welcome this Welsh summer as it was dangerously hot and the sea was too warm to cool down. Good to see that more people have joined this forum.

  • The principle of nobody is more important than anyone else is an ideal that is often difficult to administer in real life situations.

    Austerity is crippling fairness in social care which in turn is creating the disruption of progressive development to deliver services in accordance to the Welsh 2016 Social Services and Well-being Act.

    It is in Westminster where 'cultural change' is most needed

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