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Many local bus operators have accessible buses on certain routes which is good if you live on those routes. But it is frustrating if you have to changes buses to reach your destination and the connecting bus is not accessible. I can organise a train journey through their passenger assistance but there is no similar service available for buses. I think that more disabled people could get out more often if there was.


  • Public transport is either too expensive (trains) or not accessible. Taxis are crap so getting places is a barrier.

  • The 2010 Equality act is slowly being respected by most public service transport operators with new trains, busses and some private hire taxi's offering improved access to disabled people. The investment needed to make this happen is huge and slowly better access is evolving.
    Disabled people in Wales are being listened to and we have one of the best disability movements in Europe. I feel proud to be Welsh.

  • When I travel by public transport I never feel comfortable or safe. Bus drivers pull off too quickly sometimes before my breaks are on because push chairs have to be moved. I only took a train 1 time and there was bags in the only wheelchair space.

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    wheelchair access on most types of public transports is not very good. The transport operators probably think that because only a tiny percentage of passengers are in wheelchairs. As more of the population grows older this will change so it would be best to sort this out now. There are so many places I cannot get to on public transport and isolates me from friends, work opportunities and an independent life.

    Every person who is a wheelchair user who I know has the same view. It is the same for many disabled people who are not in a wheelchair.

  • Pushchairs and bags in the space aloccated for a single wheelchair on the bus makes me feel guilty having to ask people to move them. It also pisses me off but I try to keep my cool so how can this be solved. The drivers dont care and just want to keep to their timetables.

  • MifMif
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    When ever my brother comes to visit we have a. Night out with friends in Cardiff. Last weekend we met some girls and went to Swansea together where getting about on busses was much better. Cities have to learn from each other to improve access so we can be more independent.
  • The bus to Swansea this morning was a nightmare so returned by train wi h was so much better.
  • 2020 must be better than last year please. Access on public transport for most disabled people I know is difficult because busses and trains are old. The new busses are better but not perfect and I guess in time new trains will come into service.

    The guys working on the busses and trains must be instructed how tomake them properly so we can get about. They should employ disabled people to show them how to make them good.

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