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Fed up with either being offered unpaid work experience or jobs that dont want me by the job centre. This has been going on for years and with all this talk about equality it is is a joke.


  • Yes I know how you feel Cal. Two years ago the job centre insisted that I did 8 weeks work experience in a garden centre then lasy year did the same thing for Remploy. No job at the end of it but felt like I was being used as free labour. Later found out that Remploy actually get funding to supposedly train and get disabled people into work. All I want to do is to be able to earn some money so that I can be free of this benefit trap which all the disabled people I know are in. Equality seems to be a licence for quangos to make money.

  • yes that's is so true Liam I had a bad experience with Remploy myself a few years ago

  • My brother would love to work but employers dont understand how he can contribute. Forget the job centre and remploy. They just tick boxes and beyond their lying faces they don’t really care.

  • Pointless trying to look for work any more. Its been 8 years since I last had a job and since then the job centre has sent me on several totally useless retraining courses, work experience programs and workshops. All a waste of time.

  • I have been looking for a part time job for years that will allow me go to the the doctors and hospital when I have appointments. Because these take place at least once a month and the times differ no jobs have been offered.

    I cannot stand for long but can use a computer and have A levels in English, Maths, Geography, History and Art so if anyone knows of flexible a part time administration opportunity in or around Swansea please let me know.

  • I feel ready to go back to work after a bad accident. I now use a wheelchair and have breathing difficulties. I checked online but there is not much help but found out that Access to Work can help me but first I have to find a job. I called a few companies but they are not interested even though they advertised vacancies. I have read through this forum and am worried about stuck in the same trap as ost of you. I want to get out and do something but I want to get paid for what I do.

  • I posted this last week in the wrong forum by mistake:

    Pointless trying to look for work any more. Its been 8 years since I last had a job and since then the job centre have sent me on several totally useless retraining courses, work experience programs and workshops. It is as it they never learn.

  • I do not believe it! Had to go to the job centre to attend another one to one interview with a guy who did not have a clue about me only to be told I have to go on yet another training course or loose my benefits. Made me feel like a piece of crap. The attitudes of most job centre staff is shocking.

  • Why is it that when I was looking for work every time I said that I was disabled I never got as far as an interview? I did a couple of the work placements organised by the job centre but there was no offer of work after but last year I was visiting a relative who told me about a job opportunity in the reception of our local crematorium. I got the job which is mostly telephone work but I would never have thought that I would ever do such work but I enjoy it even though it is a job share and more hours would be better.

  • I work for a Third Sector organisation who understand my requirements. Before finding this work I was unemployed for nearly two years after leaving university with a degree. I was always honest when I applied for positions and stated that I am a wheelchair user. The number of times that I never got interviews or even acknowledgement of my application was frustrating but I kept my cool. I wrote letters to the CEO's of those companies and organisations to emphasize how they were demoralising the confidence of applicants and I am now happily employed by one of the organisations who I wrote to. The HR manager was replaced and there are now two other disabled people employed here.

    It is the employers who need educating and enlighten organisations such as the one who hosts this forum that will make change.

  • The Job Centre have bee putting pressure on me to accept any old job but I want to do what I want to do. I have applied for several jobs but if they contact me as soon as say that I am disabled they always say either the position is no longer vacant or that they will get back to me but never do. What can I do?

  • Miles you are not alone and I feel that job centre staff should know in advance that if vacancies they offer are not accessible and the reason why. In a perfect world their specialist advisers should only offer you jobs compliant with your capabilities but we all know that is in always the case.

    The stigma that disabled people do not want to work is rife amongst many employers.

  • We all want to work but trying to find a job for an employer who understands my personal situation is impossible as I only can work part time and have to visit doctors and hospital at short notice. I have told this to the job centre but they insist that I have to do all sorts of things that do not really help me. They think that every person is the same. I am fed up with being treated like it is my fault that I do not have a job.

  • Here in Sweden every employer has a line of duty to offer equal opportunities to all applicants. My disabled friend in England has told me about difficulties finding work and now I have found this discussion group. You should put pressure on your government to introduce policies. Everybody should have a right to work.

  • I am 37 years old and never had a job. I get taken to a day centre and do crafts and some of us would like to try and sell things which we make in a shop to make some money.

  • Heard about this site from a friend. What is the incentive to work when the only jobs pay crap wages and are boring. My benefits would be reduced too.

  • Trying to find flexable part time work is just not possible but still I have to accept these stupid worthless instructions by the job centre all because I want to work and do something. All I want is for them to find me a job that understands my situation and not send me for yet another useless training or work experience lesson.

  • AM I AN INCONVENIANCE? That is how I feel almost every time I am go to the job centre to look for work. Sure the staff are trained to say the correct patronising stuff that upsets me and most of my disabled friends and the only person who was any good there left after only a few months. I met him in the post office sometime later and he recognised me and we had a chat. He told me that working in the job centre was the most frustrating job he had ever had. For me it is the most frustrating place to go to.

  • Had an interview yesterday and for the first time in years I think that I stand a good chance of getting the job. The job was advertised online and I was 1 of 4 people interviewed. Access is good and they know all about access to work.

  • I too find it difficult to find a manager who understands that it is only occasionally support is required. When I go to interviews they say that it will be of for me to have a support worker when needed and Access to Work are very flexible but this is the second time my line manager creates problems for not only me but my support worker. I have complained about this before but I cannot predict when assistance will be required.

  • I have been told to accept any old job or risk loosing my benefits even though I have been to 3 interviews this year and applied for countless jobs. An alternative is to do yet another 8 week work experience doing something they decide. I want to work not volunteer as I am so skint.

  • I do not want to offend anyone so please excuse my language. The language I am using is aimed directly at the job centre staff who have incited me to use such language.

    Same old same we go again. The ignorant short sighted deaf idiots in the job centre told me today to take any job I am offered, sign up for work experience or loose my benefits. The jobs I want become unavailable when I tell them that I am a wheelchair user and cannot stand or use stairs and conventional toilets. I am not an idiot.

  • I often talk with other working disabled people about environments we work in. We are all are happier working in environments where we are free to work within our physical or mental limitations without having to request assistance. An understanding boss is essential.
  • My support worker for the last 5 years left last month and I am finding it hard to find someone who understands how important my work is to me. Access to Work pays the company I work for most of my support workers wages and my boss wants me to continue working for her but I need a support worker to be with me all of the time and the lady who first supported me left after a week and the new lady does very little. I asked my boss to fire her but she says it is difficult. Now I do not feel comfortable working.

  • What an eye opener trying to return to work is now that I am a disabled person. I just cant believe how patronising the HR staff are in most of the companies I have contacted. The questions I am asked are insane like one asked me over the phone how long will I take in the toilet. Bloody hell!!!!!!!

    I understand now why so many of you are frustrated by such attitudes and the employment system. I have been offered casual work by friends but a career is more important to me but I am feeling that my career is in danger of being cut short by idiots.

    I am glad that this forum exists because it helped me air my views after my accident.

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