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Access to Social Care

Access to Social Care is an area that can sometimes confuse. Access to social care can go deeper than many think. It is the denial of access of choice and the opportunity to express ones needs that perhaps only a small percentage of disabled people unable to voice their thoughts that concerns me.

In such situations co-production with relatives and carers may not be in the best interest of the individual and it is in such circumstances that care decisions are often currently made that favour the care provider rather than the individual.

Obviously that is in very extreme cases but the culture of providing care that suits the service provider rather than the service user effects many disabled people unable to communicate conventionally.

This discussion thread welcomes anyone with experience or views to discuss this openly.


  • I am glad that you have highlighted this sensitive topic Trevor. More research is greatly needed.

  • Been uncertain about this for many years and yes research is required.

  • Spending time with family and carers is essential in making sensitive decisions for children but transition into adulthood is often made difficult by the move from paediatric to adult health services. These times are confusing for service users and frustrating for family and carers.

    Unfortunately budgets do determine care package options.

  • My first contact with the new social worker was very positive. My parents are getting older and are finding it difficult now that I need more physical help and new equipment and some home care is required. A risk assessment and another meeting took place and now after a few weeks a care plan has just been received for me to sign which I am not pleased about. I called to let her know and was told that she was on leave and I was put through to another social worker who told me that I must sign and send the care plan back.
    There attitude and lack of respect was terrible so I have written to the head of Social Services.

  • Mandy - a classic example of why co-production is needed in social services

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