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After waiting over 5 years have been offerd a upstairs flat. no lift and my wheelchair cant get up stairs. idiots


  • I have just applied for my own place and want 2 bedrooms so that my mum can come and stay if I am not too good but will I have to pay bedroom tax?

  • My mother rents privately now. There were no council properties with a big enough bathroom for my sister, her support and my mother. Although she is only 17 she weighs 16 stone. I can remember the problems and stress mum went through with the housing department of our council when she was offered inappropriate houses so many times.

  • Hi Summer, unfortunately Bedroom Tax will come into play if you are in receipt of housing benefit.

    Check out

    For many disabled people bedroom tax has created serious issues. Socially irresponsible taxing of this nature is, in my opinion, totally wrong.

  • Bedroom Tax is criminal. It is not by choice that my disability prevents me from being able to earn so that we not dependant on benefits. We need a spare room when my son comes home to visit.

  • My brothers spare hoist and his medication is kept in a small upstairs room which we pay bedroom tax for. I look after my brother so cannot work and we are treated like shit by the ignorant racist bastards in the job centre when I try to tell them that we just cant cope. Bedroom tax is criminal man.

  • Bedroom Tax is a way of taxing my spare wheelchair which can only be stored in our spare room.

  • Housing associations and the local council just dont get it. They are nice, friendly and understanding when we meet and contact them but if and when they offer a place it is either not fully accessible or located somewhere that is not no good.
    Try telling them how stupid they are and get told off. Just cant win.

  • I only need a 1 bedroom flat but only 2 bedroom places available so no choice but to pay bedroom tax but there is no work available so I will have to stay on benefits. As soon as I apply for a job and they see that I am in a wheelchair the job either no longer exists or I am told some fake crap.

  • I'm sorry to hear that Cal, I always think something will come out of this in the end

  • I have been living in a supported living environment for 3 years and would like to move on and be living with new people but the options are limited as I am now 26 and I do not want to live with old people which is the only option so far available. If I move to a new area there are better options but I like it around here. Social Services dont really care bout what I would like and expect me just to accept their choice.

  • Hi, let us all try to contribute to something positive. Please complete and share accordingly:

    1. Survey for individuals, family members, carers and support workers:

    2. Survey for representatives of groups or organisations:

    We all know that change is desperately needed.

  • No time now but will complete survey later.

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